Building Use Policy

Non Church Events

At Calvary Chapel Clayton, we are dedicated to upholding the values of our faith in all aspects of our actions, including the responsible stewardship of our building and resources entrusted to us by the Lord. With this commitment in mind, the church staff has determined it necessary to revise our policies regarding the use of our facilities, particularly in relation to events not directly affiliated with the church.

Guidelines for Building Use:

1.  Events or meetings held within our premises must align with the core purpose of the church, which includes preaching of the Gospel, teaching the Word, and ministering to the saints. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for events aimed at community outreach, provided they involve the sharing of the Gospel. Secular events, such as birthday celebrations and business meetings are encouraged to seek alternative venues. (Note: Simple celebrations like serving birthday cake during an event or after service are permissible)
2.   A "Facilities Use Request Form" must be completed and submitted to the church office at least 8 weeks prior to the intended event.

       A.   Clearly state the purpose of utilizing the building.

       B.   Specify the days and hours required for the event.

       C.   Identify the specific rooms or areas needed, accounting for any special requirements.

       D.   Use of sound and lighting equipment is subject to availability and must be coordinated with the Media Ministry of Calvary Chapel Clayton.

       E.   If exterior areas or parking lots are utilized, indicate any need for access to indoor facilities such as restrooms or water.
3.   The church office will designate a representative to be present throughout the event. This individual will possess keys granting access only to the necessary areas and will assist the Facilities Manager in monitoring the building's usage.
4.   Tables provided by Calvary Chapel Clayton may be utilized but must be cleaned and returned to their original positions after the event. Photographs of the room prior to setup are advised for reference.
5.    The consumption of alcohol, illegal substances, or the presence of firearms (with the exception of authorized Safety Team members) is strictly prohibited within the premises or on church property. Smoking is prohibited indoors.
6.   Rearrangement of chairs in the sanctuary for events is permitted but must be restored to their original layout afterward. Pre-event photographs of the sanctuary setup are recommended for guidance. All arrangements should ensure the space is left in excellent condition for Sunday services.
7.   It is the responsibility of event organizers to clean up and restore the church to its original condition post-event. The Facilities Manager will provide guidance on the cleaning process beforehand, and planning for cleanup should be incorporated into the event preparation.
8.   Event organizers are accountable for any damage incurred to Calvary Chapel Clayton property during the event.